Oban, Scotland

Almost a year ago I visited Scotland for the first time. I tend to shy away from crowded touristy places so I set my sights on the Isle of Barra. But before I could get to Barra I had to go through Oban and I decided to spend a day and night there. I thought it would just be an ordinary fishing town but it was more than that. I fell in love with Oban’s calm. I love the quaint shops, the smell of the ocean, the promenade, and how laidback it all was.



To get to Oban, you have to take a train from London to Glasgow which takes around 3-4 hours and after that it takes around 2-3 hours to get from Glasgow to Oban. The journey is worth it. I love riding trains and the Scotrail has one of the largest windows on a train and it’s a great opportunity to look out the window and enjoy one of the most scenic train routes in the world. I was too awestruck at Scotland’s beauty to take photos while on the train. The train even slows down in some areas like Loch Lomond so we can appreciate its beauty.

Oban can be toured in a day or two. It doesn’t have a lot of attractions and most people only go to Oban because it is a ferry port to the Hebrides. But if you’re looking for a quiet town where you can enjoy wandering its seaside charms, then Oban is a great place to unwind.



My Bnb was in the hillside and in the early hours of the morning, I hiked to McCraig’s Tower. It looks like a ruin of an old castle keep but actually a banker commissioned building this tower. However, they ran out of funds and the tower was left unfinished. I was told by my host in the Bnb that this is quite a popular spot so she advised me to view the tower early in the morning to really appreciate how beautiful it is there and she was right! The tower has a lovely view of Oban and the sea.



Oban also has a whisky distillery, the fumes can get quite heady but it’s worth the tour. It also has a chocolate cafe which serves the tastiest whisky flavoured chocolates i’ve ever tried.

2 thoughts on “Oban, Scotland”

  1. I visited Oban over twenty years ago with a high school buddy and our girlfriends. We only stayed a night, and I don’t remember many details, but we were all charmed by the place.

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