New blog, Old me


I’m starting this blog because I am procrastinating. I think that is what I do best; procrastinate. 2 more weeks until my solo trip and I am scared witless about it! My friend had to cancel and I have to do it on my own which is really scaring me right now because I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF THAT COUNTRY. Elementary students would beat me at reading hangeul. So I was planning my itinerary when my brain started to think of distractions to keep me from doing the ONE MAIN TASK i was supposed to do today. Ah, well.

I’ll be uploading my travels in this blog. And books. And maybe tv shows? I am your basic couch potato But this year, I promised myself I would travel as much as I want.

2018 is my splurge and travel year. Because next year, I will have to save a lot of money to get a visa to stay here for another few years. I love being here. Here=UK.

I’ve been having a few rough days lately. Just a few hours ago, I was waiting for the bus and I almost cried in the bloody bus stop. I can be so pathetic. I am as gloomy as today’s weather. But bright skies ahead and my mood started to lift up. IS THIS S.A.D.?! I thought (mistakenly) that I would be above that as I am a person who loves the kind of weather that forces people to stay at home. I shouldn’t be too sad, I keep telling myself to “Keep your chin up” and “do as the brits do, carry on!” and so I shall.

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